Launch digital projects faster

Use a simple integration and automation tool to connect systems easily with clicks

Boost IT and business collaboration

Enable business teams to create integrations using IT-approved connectors and templates

Manage and secure data access

Give business teams the ability to build confidently using a tool that IT trusts

For business teams

Integrate apps and data instantly using connectors — zero coding needed

Implement critical use cases by automating the integration of common systems such as Salesforce, Netsuite, Workday — and now Slack.

For IT teams

Focus on more technical projects by enabling business teams to build integrations

Deliver more by giving business teams the tools they need to automate processes and build integrations for innovative projects.

For business teams

Move from concept to reality quickly using templates

Launch your projects quickly using a simple, intuitive interface with IT-approved templates to integrate apps.

For IT teams

Collaborate with business teams and automate integrations

Engage and collaborate with business teams by helping them jumpstart their own integration projects using a platform with IT-vetted guardrails.

For business teams

Get access to data and ensure your integrations run smoothly

Unlock data safely from any app and build integrations to automate workflows using a secure, scalable platform that IT trusts.

Coming Soon

For IT teams

Monitor, manage, and govern every integration built by business teams

Monitor, manage, and govern every integration built by business teams Oversee and manage all integrations and workflows, monitor data flows in real-time, and assign access.

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For Business Teams

Connect apps and data with clicks, not code

Business teams and users can now unlock data, integrate apps, and automate business processes quickly and easily — all with MuleSoft Composer


A preview of our MuleSoft Composer vision

Learn more about our vision for MuleSoft Composer and why we’re democratizing access to data


The state of business and IT innovation

See insights from 1,700+ business users on why data integration is key for their digital initiatives


4 steps to create a data-driven business

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MuleSoft Composer

Empower business teams to connect apps and data
with clicks, not code.

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